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Join Professor Ross Garnaut (second from right) and Susan Inglis, Darren Sharp, Crina Virgona and Rob Salter from Livewell Clusters at the Livewell Launch. The Livewell Yarra Launch on 5 March will give the people of Yarra a new means to reduce their carbon footprint while still enjoying the great lifestyle the city offers.

In fact, reducing your carbon can make you even happier and healthier, save you money and strengthen your links with neighbours.

So if you live, work or study in the area come along to Fitzroy Town Hall on 5 March at 7 pm and find out how it will happen. Registration open from 6:45pm.

A low carbon future for Australia

Guest speakers Professor Ross Garnaut and Fiona Armstrong will briefly set out the benefits that a low carbon future offers Australia. Ross is the author of the two Garnaut Climate Change Reviews commissioned by the Federal Government in 2008 and 2011.  Fiona is the founder and convenor of the Climate and Health Alliance, which highlights how much our health depends on low carbon living.

How you can get into action

Then the focus will shift to how Livewell Yarra will work, and how you can get together in groups to help each other reduce your emissions. If you’re up to it, we’re actually going to help you form into these ‘decarb groups’ (as we’re calling them) right there at the launch.

Livewell Yarra will support the decarb groups with information, advice and a range of fun activities. Experience shows that people find it much easier to reduce their carbon footprint if they have the right information, the support of their peers and a process that helps them to get into action.

What’s behind Livewell

Livewell Yarra is the first Livewell Cluster. Livewell Clusters is an action research project of the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Low Carbon Living, a federally-funded national consortium of universities, the CSIRO, businesses and government bodies. The project is sponsored by Curtin University and supported by the City of Yarra and Yarra Energy Foundation. It has access to relevant knowledge and expertise not only through these institutions but also through local organisations focusing on low carbon living.

Livewell is also working with Yarra Energy Foundation and the City of Yarra on Project Zero, which aims to see carbon emissions from energy use in the entire city reduced to zero by 2020. You can be part of making Yarra a city that sets the pace for the rest of Australia!

So come along!

Be in it from the beginning and come along to the Livewell Yarra Launch on 5 March. Bring your friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues and anyone else! There’s no charge - it's free!

Please RSVP by 26th February to help us with arrangements. We hope to see you there!

Get your free tickets by registering on Eventbrite. You also have the option to make a donation, which is greatly appreciated. Alternatively, email Rob Salter.

You can also join our Facebook event.


Livewell started as an action research project funded by the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Low Carbon Living, delivered through Curtin University and supported by the City of Yarra and Yarra Energy Foundation. Further funding was then provided by the CRC to produce the online Guide to running a ‘Livewell Group’


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