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As Australia is a dry continent (and likely to become drier) it’s important that we use water sparingly to conserve this limited resource. In addition, the processes of collecting and processing water, transporting it to your property, and then once it's used, treating and transporting it again all generate greenhouse emissions.

And of course if it’s hot water it requires energy to heat. So there are multiple reasons to conserve it, to re-use it if possible, and to avoid using hot water when cold will do. Practical things you can do to achieve this include:

  • install water efficient taps, shower roses and toilet cisterns
  • attend to leaky taps as soon as possible
  • have showers instead of baths, and keep them short
  • only run washing machines and dishwashers when full
  • don't leave taps running while cleaning dishes or teeth
  • consider installing a water efficient garden watering system
  • have low water use plants
  • consider installing a grey water system
  • consider installing rainwater tanks.

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