Achieving greater energy efficiency is one part of the process of reducing emissions derived from energy. The other part is to contribute in some way to renewable power generation. There are broadly three ways you can do this, namely:

  • Generating your own renewable energy, normally by having solar panels or solar water heating on your roof
  • Switching to Green power through your power company
  • Investing in community or commercial production of renewable power.

There are also heat pump hot water systems that, while still using electricity, draw heat out of the air and thus are much more efficient.

These are all excellent ways of supporting the switch from fossil fuel power to renewables. While it might be satisfying to use the power that’s being generated on your own roof, helping to generate renewable power somewhere else is just as effective for reducing emissions. This is good news for those who rent or live in apartments, or those with houses where overshadowing, roof angles or heritage considerations mean that solar panels aren’t feasible.

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