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Livewell is committed to working in cooperation with other organisations that are pursuing similar goals, especially local ones. Each has its own contribution to make and works with particular sections of the community. Livewell is also keen to collaborate with local groups that may have a different purpose but are passionate about cooperative approaches to tackling social and environmental issues. Where such organisations are providing information, arranging events or courses, or seeking public involvement in projects related to building a low-carbon high-wellbeing society, we will inform our members and participants.

City of Yarra

The City of Yarra has developed a number of initiatives to reduce carbon emissions. Its sustainability program made Yarra the first Australian local government to achieve national certification again the ‘One Planet Council’ standard, an internationally recognised benchmark bestowed for being exemplary of  sustainable living. Focused on local sustainability, the Yarra Council also offers services such as the borrowing of ‘Green Gadgets’ (to measure and reduce power usage) from Yarra Libraries.

Yarra Energy Foundation 

Established by Yarra City Council in 2010, the Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF) is an independent organization whose ambition is to achieve a zero carbon future in the City of Yarra by 2020.

Solar Neighbourhoods

Solar Neighbourhoods is an initiative of two Yarra residents who were keen to get solar onto their own roofs and help their neighbours to do the same. By collating and provided unbiased information they set out to help other households decide whether solar could work for them and explore the potential benefits of a community bulk buy.

Transition Yarra

Transition Yarra is a community-based initiative that is part of the Transition Network. This organisation seeks to encourage, connect and support communities as they create initiatives that reduce CO2 emissions.

Friends of the Earth Melbourne 

Friends of the Earth is a social and environmental justice organisation. Operating on a collective basis, it seeks to work towards a sustainable and equitable future. Friends of the Earth are presently involved in the Yarra-based Change Makers Program, an educational initiative that offers practical solutions to reduce the effects of climate change.

Simplicity Collective  

The Simplicity Collective is a grassroots network dedicated to creatively exploring, promoting and celebrating an environmentally conscious mode of living. The organisation is founded upon that idea that a ‘simpler life’ of reduced resource and energy consumption is a desirable alternative to consumer culture.

YCAN (Yarra Climate Action Now)

Yarra Climate Action Now (YCAN) is an award-winning community group trying to make a difference in the fight against climate change. The group consists of ordinary people who realise the importance of a collective response to climate change and want to make a difference in their community. YCAN connects hundreds of people, focusing their work within local contexts while retaining a global perspective. YCAN recently received a special mention at the Australia Day announcement of the Community Service of the Year Award for their work on the campaign against the East West Link.

Moreland Energy Foundation

The Moreland Energy Foundation Ltd (MEFL) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that is committed to tackling climate change. Based in the municipality of Moreland in Melbourne’s inner north, they work with communities and governments to develop and implement sustainable energy projects. Their social enterprise consists of a multidisciplinary team of policy and research strategists, community engagement experts, planning specialists and engineers. Based on their experience, they advocate on energy efficiency, renewable energy and related policy and planning issues.

Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE)

Beyond Zero Emissions Inc. is a not-for-profit research and education organisation committed to the implementation of a zero emissions economy for Australia. The goal of BZE is to transform Australia from a fossil fuel based, emissions intensive economy to a renewable energy clean economy.

Through the Zero Carbon Australia (ZCA) research project, BZE is engaging and educating the community with practical solutions to climate change. In partnership with the University of Melbourne’s Energy Institute, BZE has published the Stationary Energy Plan, a fully costed transition plan for getting Australia to zero emissions in ten years using commercially available technology. Research in progress includes zero carbon buildings, transport with High Speed Rail, land use for carbon storage, industrial processes and export industries.

Alternative Technology Association (ATA)

Established in 1980, the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to assist people to make sustainable choices in their homes and communities. With more than 5000 members across Australia, the ATA has helped thousands of households reduce their carbon footprint while saving money. The ATA publishes two market-leading sustainable living magazines, Sanctuary: modern green homes and ReNew: technology for a sustainable future. The magazines have a combined readership of over 120,000 people and the ATA has 13 active branches across Australia that hold seminars and workshops on the movement towards energy efficiency.


Livewell started as an action research project funded by the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Low Carbon Living, delivered through Curtin University and supported by the City of Yarra and Yarra Energy Foundation. Further funding was then provided by the CRC to produce the online Guide to running a ‘Livewell Group’


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