Get involved with Livewell Yarra

Livewell started in Yarra as an action research project in 2014, funded by the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living. Members of the local community came together in a ‘core team’ to set up a website, arrange a launch, assist Livewell groups to get going, run a series of workshops and start a newsletter.

The project was officially launched in early 2015 and over that year ten groups were started and twelve public workshops run. It was not intended that the Livewell groups would necessarily be permanent but some of them are still operating.

If you live in Yarra you might want to start up a Livewell group from among your friends, neighbours, work colleagues, fellow students, or anyone else you know (just as you can start up such a group in other parts of Australia). If you do this you’ll find that there’s a lot happening in Yarra when it comes to carbon reduction, and you’ll be able to get help and information from many sources in addition to the Livewell core team, including the City of Yarra, the Yarra Energy Foundation, Friends of the Earth, Beyond Zero Emissions, Yarra Climate Action Now, the Alternative Technology Association, and Positive Charge / Moreland Energy Foundation.

The Livewell Yarra core team continues to organise events and projects from time to time. For example, in 2017 we have received funding from the City of Yarra for two projects: running a workshop on carbon reduction for renters and apartment dwellers; and initiating an innovative composting scheme in a street in North Fitzroy.

Watch this space for more information about these projects as arrangements are finalised.

Livewell Yarra also works closely with a community garden known as the Laneway Garden in Clifton Hill.

If you would like further information about Livewell Yarra or its projects, if you’d like to join the core team or have any queries, please contact us at


Also, if you form or join a Livewell group in another locality, think about the possibility of starting a Livewell page like this one for your locality. In it you can advertise your groups and events, and share your successes and learnings with people from other areas.