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A form for new Livewell Groups

If you are a new Livewell Group please fill in and submit this form to us so that we know of your existence, can help you as much as possible, and can share your story and your learnings with others.

The suburb, town or city where your group is:

Contact people for the group are:
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Tell us something about your situation, eg. the group's size, what group members have in common (are you friends? neighbours?), what your locality is like, how you are reducing your emissions (or plan to), activities your group is involved in (or planning), how your first meeting/s went, and anything distinctive about the group:

Are you interested in cooperating with other Livewell Groups nearby?


If yes, within how many kilometres would they need to be:
If 'other' please specify:

Which of the following kinds of action would you like to cooperate on?
Arranging events (e.g., workshops) for the publicCommunity projects to enable people to reduce emissionsPolicy advocacy or divestmentComparing experiences to learn from each otherOther

If 'other' please give details:

What comments do you have on the Livewell Guide, including suggestions for changes or additions if it is updated?

It recommends or suggests that Livewell Groups operate in certain ways. Any thoughts on this? If you think they should be operating differently, tell us in what ways.

Would members of your group be interested in using an online discussion forum for group members in different parts of the country if it was set up?

Would anyone in your group be interested in helping to service the network of Livewell Groups?

If yes, which of the following might you be interested in helping with:

If 'other' please give details:

Do you have any further questions, information or suggestions for us?