Be part of the Livewell Coordination Team

Although Livewell Groups can operate independently and fairly self-sufficiently, there are a range of tasks to be undertaken to provide support to groups (if they want this), to grow the number of groups, and to help this carbon reduction self-help movement to be as effective and enriching as possible for participants. The following are examples of these tasks:

  • Answering queries from groups or individual members, or from those considering getting a group going, and responding to suggestions they have
  • Maintaining and developing the Livewell website
  • Receiving and recording information about what groups are doing, and perhaps (with permission) sharing this with other groups
  • Perhaps linking up groups that are geographically close, or starting and moderating an online discussion forum
  • Generally doing anything that can support members and groups.

We warmly invite members of new groups to come forward and be part of the process of enabling this movement to develop.